Combine the best of beauty and functionality to create luxurious, 

comfortable living or commercial environments

Versatility at its best

With The GWP natural cladding you can choose from a range of beautiful natural wood cladding options. 

We’ll help you choose from a range of modern architectural profiles such as vertical shiplap, rusticated or classic 

bevelled weatherboards. All created from renewable timbers.

Why GWP natural hardwood cladding over other options?

  • Sustainable – Our cladding follows the best social and environmental practices and therefore is 100% FSC®, PEFC
    an internal Due Care Chain of Custody environmental compliance program.

  • Durability – Our class 1 timbers have a 40 + year natural durability vs some other timbers that are only class 3 timbers with 7-15 years durability.

  • Superior performance – proven to perform exceptionally well in the harshest environments.

  • Insulation: Wood cladding acts as insulation, potentially lowering energy bills and protecting the structure’s interior from outside noise.

  • Renewable and biodegradable wood requires very little energy to produce, making it a sustainable building solution. In addition, trees naturally absorb CO2 and release oxygen, making wood cladding essentially carbon-neutral.

Natural wood cladding comes in numerous styles and profiles.

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