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It is a Habit

European precision
made in South America

Take the European precision. Add our 60-year experience in South America. Result: Carefully, crafted, stronger products that are environmentally friendly and high-performance.
Grade selection and specification will have a significant impact on both the appearance and performance of wood products in any given application.GWP procurement personnel are specialists well versed in local conditions and customs. They have in-depth knowledge and expertise in sourcing, grading and the preparation of hardwood products.
Contract monitoring and quality control play a vital role in eliminating the enormous costs incurred when substandard timber is shipped.

Creating standards

When tropical hardwoods are specified or purchased without clearly defining grade expectations, there is no assurance of the quality and consistency of the product delivered, and no accountability standard set for the supplier. And since grade affects price, what looks like a good deal on paper might not look nearly as good on your project. If the product is being used in structural applications like decking, grade has a direct impact on mechanical properties and load performance. In the absence of industry established and defined quality control standards for tropical hardwood decking and lumber GWP has developed and published grading standards and product specification language which we apply to our own decking production and timber products.

  Product Grading Rules

GWP premium select

GWP Prime consists of a handpicked selection of some of the finest lumber nature has to offer. Each piece of lumber must meet our highest quality and sustainability standards. When you buy GWP Premium, you are bringing the world’s finest lumber to your company.

& sustainable wood

thePRIMEWOOD provides a comprehensive selection of wood products to create any vision. A variety of high-quality decks, cladding and other wood products.